The cost of car insurance for minors under the age of 25 years is eye-watering high and should continue to rise. The average cost for a 17-22 years old, is it already over? 1.400 / year. However, it is possible to cut costs. Many cities and beach resorts are now flooded with traffic, especially in the summer, so you may find problems finding a central parking space. Some cities, such as Coimbra, systems have park-and-ride, while to Port there are huge parking lots at the metro stations in the suburbs. When you park in town, do as the locals do and use the empty spaces pointed out to you. A tip of � 0.50 to the man who does the tip them to pay for the care “of your car. On-street parking is usually measured, even in the smaller cities. The price varies, but on average � 0,80 a time, even if it is generally free from 8:00 until 8 a.m. the next morning on weekdays, Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday. The use of the garage is always more expensive – up to $ 10 per day – but where is the most secure option.

While your teen is learning to drive, be sure to inform your auto insurance company that you have a driver that is not permitted “(in the sense that they have the permission, but not their license) in your family. This means that the driver is permitted will be allowed to drive a vehicle that is listed for your family, until a parent or guardian is in the passenger seat. Your policy will not be affected financially until he or she becomes a driver with a license, so make sure that he or she has been added to your policy at this time.

Part-exchange. This can save you a lot of problems, but it is highly unlikely that it is moneysaving. Yes, you still have to advertise the car, or dealing with potential buyers, but, and this is a big but, you will not get as much as selling privately. Remember, the dealer will pay less than the value of your car so that it can move along with profit. So weigh the offers carefully.

Driving Record – generally, insurance companies ask for three years of driving history and will use a report of motor vehicle (MVR) check the driving record of all drivers name. You can also use a full loss technique Exchange (C. L. U. E.), Colossus, or similar report to check claims histories. Some companies evaluate the premium by measuring at-fault accidents and traffic violations (often called factors of risk classification). In addition, MVR does not always reflect guilt. Check all the quotes for discounts or surcharges based on driving factors history and risk classification.

insurance companies car can also make correlations between the risk of a person of accident and their profession, and can alter the premium accordingly if they think that it is much more likely to get into an accident. For example, the delivery driver, and journalists are on the road constantly, and therefore are more likely to be in an accident, while the drivers often just drive between the airport and the house, and do not spend much time on the road. Others, such as police officers, paramedics, sisters, and insurers, often receive a good rate, as they are seen to be more careful than the average driver.

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